Christian Believers

Engage. Equip. Empower

Pastor Shaun & Lady Kristen Williams



Founders of Christian Believers a ministry with a contemporary, relaxed atmosphere but full of the energetic, vibrant power of the Holy Spirit! Pastor Shaun Lady Kristen are very humble, young, down to earth, fun people to be around! They create a culture of modern contemporary worship but understand the importance of connecting all people of all ages and backgrounds to the presence of God. Now located in the west side and south side of St. Louis City, Pastor Shaun & Lady Kristen's passion is to ENGAGE people of all backgrounds with the unchanging, unfailing, love of Jesus Christ. Their heart is to "teach" the people of God and EQUIP them with tools and EMPOWER them to be effective ministers, leaders and teachers in their everyday lives. Pastor Shaun and Lady Kristen have a strong passion for the next generation and desire for them to have a personal encounter and relationship with Christ. Pastor Shaun and Lady Kristen are proud parents of 3 beautiful children, Joshua, Josiah and Zariah (zar-ree-ah).